Office Bearers of iCan

Staff in Charge - Ms.Deepthi Thomas
Association Secretary- Mr.Tom Joseph
Joint Secretary- Ms.Navomi Chacko
Treasurer- Mr.Bennitto Bennett
Magazine Editors- Mr.Jobin Johnson,  Mr.Sumod Joseph
Association activities
  1. International Lecture Series- TechKnow 
  2. National level IT Fest- Cameo
  3. World Computer Literacy day Intercollegiate Quiz Competition
  4. Arts day and sports day
  5. Department magazine and newsletter
  6. Seminars and webinars
  7. Interdepartmental competitions on Onam and Christmas


Internal Complaint Committee(ICC)

Name of the Committee Member Rank Designation
Shija Paul P. Chair Person Teaching Faculty
Sherin Mathew G. Member Teaching Faculty
Sherry O. Panicker Member Teaching Faculty
Tomy Member Non Teaching Faculty
Jomon Member Non Teaching Faculty
Sanju Saji Student Student
Anupama Wilson Student Student
Sumod Student Student


SC/ ST Committee 

Name of the Committee Member Designation
Sherin Mathew G. Teaching Faculty
Shija Paul P. Teaching Faculty
Sherry O. Panicker Teaching Faculty
SI Student Rep Student
SI Student Rep Student