The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Nirmala College is formed to promote a collaborative and continued association between the parents and teachers . The PTA executive committee comprises Principal as president, elected vice-president from parents, a teaching staff secretary and a joint secretary from parents. Class PTA meetings are held in each semester following the internal examination, to discuss the progress on the goals set by each student. Induction programmes and seminars/webinars are conducted to maintain a healthy and harmonised relation between parents and the college.



Office Bearers of PTA

Secretary:  Mr. Raison J Mathews (Staff Representative)

Joint Secretary: Ms. Nisha Biby (Parent Representative)

          Batch Representatives

2020-'21 Admissions Batch1:   Mr. Saju Mathew

  Ms. Beena Shibu

           2020-'21 Admissions Batch2:    Mr. Saif O.S.

             Ms. Lissy Francis

           2019-'20 Admissions Batch:     Mr. Junaid Mytheen

  Ms. Lini Joy

           2018-'19 Admissions Batch:     Mr. Jose M.J.

  Ms. Nisha Biby



PTA general body meeting is scheduled once in every semester. Parent orientation/induction programmes and webinars are conducted to inspire parents in achieving students' aspirations. An orientation session, ' New generation parenting, changes and challenges' by Dr. Civy V. Pulayath, was conducted on 8/6/2021 for the PTA members. The programme started with a prayer song by Lissy Francis, our PTA member. Administrator, Fr. Zacharias Kallidukkil, gave the welcome note address followed by our Principal, Dr.K.V. Thomas, addressing the parents. The orientation talk addressed the challenges faced in the relationship of current generation parents and students. Various pro-active measures were suggested by the resourse person. The session ended with a note of gratitude  by secretary Mr.Raison J Mathews.